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The Community logo is a symbol that not only has a visual association with the abbreviation CIO (Chief Information Officer), but also characterizes the reflection of the specifics of the activity:
Binary system-zero and one
The button for enabling technologies and solutions

Improving the professional level of hotel industry employees, giving them the opportunity to discuss existing tasks, as well as get unlimited access to innovations and technological solutions of the industry

Development of the technological level of the industry
Changing attitudes to IT
Providing the hotel industry with professional personnel

Professionals in the field of information technologies of the hotel industry
Continuous improvement (training, professional and personal improvement)
Team spirit (business ethics, mutual assistance and mutual respect, commitment to the profession)


The HotelCIO Community is aimed at active interaction of Community members: international and international exchange of experience.

At the moment, HotelCIO Community members are present on the world stage in the following countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Seychelles.

Территория HotelCIO
Кокурин Алексей

In IT since 2004, in the hospitality industry since 2010.
He has more than 100 completed projects.
He worked in chain and independent hotels (at all stages, from design to operational activities), and also headed the IT department of the IFK Hotel Management management company.
Speaker and moderator of various events in the hotel industry.
Матюкова Эльмира

In IT since 2006, in the hospitality industry since 2016.
He has a multi-faceted consolidated experience in various fields, including as an IT director of the GOST Hotel Management Management Company.
Personal Data Protection and Crisis Management coach.
Specialization vector: Management of business process automation and integration of technologies that increase income and productivity
Зарубин Владилен

He started his career in the hospitality industry with Bellman in one of the Marriott International hotels in 1997.
Since that moment, he has passed a three-year path to IT, having learned the work of the hotel business in the operating, engineering and financial departments. In 2000, he graduated from the Higher School of Economics, having defended a diploma with honors in the specialty "Economics and Enterprise Management" on the example of hotels. Since 2000, he has worked for almost 13 years in IHG and Marriott International hotels, managing information technology departments, after which he successfully took the position of Senior Regional Manager for information Resources at Marriott International facilities in Europe.
Since 2017, he has been transferred to the head office of Marriott International and holds the position of Director of Information Security in Europe.
It has a PCI ISA certificate.
Кошкин Сергей

He has been working in the IT field since 1997. He has been in the Hotel business since 2001.
He was the IT director of the hotel Management companies of the Heliopark, Azimut, VAO Intourist networks. Sergey has more than 20 projects of renovation and construction of Hotels, both for these chains and for the Lotte and Radisson brands.
He was awarded for his contribution to the Olympic movement following the opening and operation of Azimut Sochi Hotels with a number of 3680 rooms.
Борзенков Антон

In the IT sector since 2008, in the hotel business since 2013.
Currently, he holds the position of Information Infrastructure Manager at AZIMUT Hotels.
Participated in the renovation, modernization and opening of hotels at all stages. It is engaged in connecting new hotels to the network and bringing them into compliance with the standards.
Закорецкий Алексей

In the IT sector since 2001, in the hotel business since 2015.
He worked in chain hotels Capella, Tulip Inn, non-chain hotels of the Krasnodar Territory.
Currently, he holds the position of IT manager of the Park Hotel Dobrograd.
Василевский Сергей

In IT since 1987, in the hotel business since 1994.
Since 2007, IT Director at Barvikha Hotel & SPA
Смолярчук Сергей

Since 2019, he has been heading the information technology department of the 5-star multifunctional hotel complex "Zolotoy Rog" in Vladivostok. Until the moment of commissioning of the hotel, it is engaged in information and technical support of the workplaces of project groups. Before joining the hotel business, he served in the Navy.


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